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New experiences on your doorstep

I(MF) recently decided I would aim to have a new experience every month for a year. Yesterday I completed number 6 which was a guided walk of an area not far from where I live, and which I drive through often. Read More…

Working in the Sunshine

OK, so we’re British. We mainly talk about the weather and it is always either too hot or too cold. But we’re a fragile breed and our Country and especially our Cities are not designed for extreme weathers. Read More…

The To Do List

I am currently under a pile of so many lists I have to make a list of which list to attend to.... Read More…

‎Sunshine and Storms at Chelsea

Last week I (JG)‎ visited the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, but it wasn't all sunshine and roses!! Read More…

Starting Out

Do you remember who gave you your first real break? Are you in a position to do that for somebody else now? Read More…

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