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Spring Clean

May is the classic time for Spring clear outs and my husband’s office took advantage of this by arranging a collection for a charity that donates clothes for people to wear to job interviews and starting work. Read More…

Goodbye Old Home - Hello New Venue

Being forced to find a new venue for our boutique course was a more daunting task than we'd thought. Where to begin? If you've ever had to source an a venue for an event you'll understand our issues... Read More…

Emojis - The Response

Never letting a good working relationship get in the way of a difference of opinion, as my good friend says, on this we differ. Read More…

To emoji or not to emoji? That is the Question….

We at PA AAA HQ are firmly divided on this topic. I (JG) am firmly against them, where as MF (ever down with the kids) is a fan!
What do you think? Read More…

Presenting yourself when presenting

Standing up in front of a room of people can be daunting, whether it's
delivering a report in a meeting or introducing a speaker, but these are
easy tips that can help take the nerves away and help you feel ready,
prepared and confident. Read More…

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