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Presenting yourself when presenting

Having recently returned from some out of town events I thought I'd share some tips on:

Presenting yourself when presenting

Standing up in front of a room of people can be daunting, whether it's delivering a report in a meeting or introducing a speaker, but these are easy tips that can help take the nerves away and help you feel ready, prepared and confident.

Decide what you are going to wear the day before and stick to it. Nothing worse than a panic in the morning, realising that particular shirt is in the ironing basket or those shoes need a polish.
Choose something that you feel comfortable in. It might be tempting to buy something new but be very sure that the top doesn't gape open, or the shoes pinch after standing in them for more than 5 mins. I have a couple of'go-to' outfits that I know work, no-one else knows how many times you have worn them before...

Leave a few minutes extra to do your hair and make up, so in case your eyeliner goes wonky or your hair isn't behaving you have time to put it right.

Give yourself a little boost of confidence by doing something a bit special - perhaps get your nails painted or hair blow dried - so you have some outward veneer of confidence.

As with much in life, taking some time to prepare in advance can make all the difference!

These suggestions will help you to feel confident and present your best self.


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