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To emoji or not to emoji? That is the Question….

We at PA AAA HQ are firmly divided on this topic.  I (JG) am firmly against them, where as MF (ever down with the kids) is a fan!

I just don’t get them. And when I do try to use them, I always get it a bit wrong and have people asking me what I’ve sent or why. I can’t get to grips with what is appropriate and recently signed off a text to a friend a pair of kissing lips instead of an “x”. She replied instantly asking if I’d meant to send that and then had to explain that the kissing lips are reserved for those who are more than friends. Oops.

So, emojis and I have never got on. MF dismisses my reservations with “it’s an iPhone thing”. Yet another sly dig at my old and much beloved Blackberry. I think it’s a language thing. I’ve never used text speak and will always write the full words out. Even in Twtter, when the 140 characters limit forces me to abbreviate, I feel a little bit sick about it. But maybe I’m just old fashioned and I should get myself into the 21st Century…

What do you think?

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