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Emojis - The Response

Never letting a good working relationship get in the way of a difference of opinion, as my good friend says, on this we differ.

I (MF) am in agreement about never having used text speak, I rarely abbreviate and ALWAYS punctuate, but I have come around to realising that a picture really can paint a thousand words.

I never downloaded an emoji app but when I got my latest iphone, there they were, all laid out in front of me, and some were too hard to resist. I would probably not use them in a work situation, but with friends and family they have become a light hearted shorthand. Cheeky texts from my teenage daughters often deserve nothing more than a  as a reply, and good news is greeted with  . Sending my running chum a picture of a trainer with a question mark feels more fun than suggesting heading off for a run , and similarly sending a glass of wine picture  is more likely to raise a smile and a yes than the boring ‘fancy a drink?.

I would feel sad to think that there might be whole relationships conducted by emoji, and certainly agree there is a time and a place, but for some occasions, only sassy dancing Spanish lady will do! 

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