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Goodbye Old Home - Hello New Venue

Having hosted our boutique course in the same venue since we started in 2012, we were disappointed when we discovered their extensive refurbishment meant the loss of the private room we had got so used to.

So, we had to set out to find a new space…

This was more daunting than we expected. We were settled where we were and had a good system going. We knew exactly what we needed to bring, what they would provide, how the set up of the room worked etc. We were a well oiled machine!

Where to begin? Our first port of call was our friends at hirespace.com, they have an amazing list of venues on their site for all types of occasions and needs and a quick look gave us a few ideas to consider. We also spoke to venues we’d be to before for other events – the London Transport Museum has amazing areas for hire. And we asked colleagues for suggestions. 

Our dilemma was that we needed a practical space, but that it couldn’t be at all cold or bleak. It had to feel welcoming, luxurious and conducive to learning, but had to have the layout and tech necessary for our presentations.

Then, out of the blue, a contact told us about this really lovely room she’d had a meeting in and how peaceful and serene it was despite being between Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square. We went straight to their website and then in to see them the next week. And our new home was confirmed.

And actually, it is a much better location than our previous Chiswick venue. It’s so much easier for us and delegates to get to. But we’d never have moved without that push. And we’d never have found it if we hadn’t been networking.

We hold our first course there on 12th May. We’ll let you know how it works out. Or better yet, why don’t you sign up and come and find out yourself…..

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