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The To Do List

I (MF) am currently under a pile of so many lists I have to make a list of which list to attend to. I have a before list, a during list, a work list, a home list, a today list, a when I get back list, and the reason for all this frenzied activity is the fact that I am going on holiday early doors tomorrow.

Of course a holiday is a wonderful thing, and I genuinely cannot wait to be on that plane, but before that happens there is just so much to do.

It isn’t that I have left things to that last minute – far from it, I’ve been preparing in a low level way for weeks, but somehow there is so much to anticipate and instruct I just couldn’t get through it without organising all the things in my head onto a piece of paper, or six, that I can then tick off in a satisfying way. So on that note blog done. Tick!

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