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Working in the Sunshine

OK, so we’re British. We mainly talk about the weather and it is always either too hot or too cold. But we’re a fragile breed and our Country and especially our Cities are not designed for extreme weathers.

 So, how to survive working as the temperatures soar?

Well, there are all the obvious tips about keeping hydrated, particularly on your commute. Maybe you work in an office with air con? Or maybe you need them to invest in some good fans.

I have a hand held battery operated gem. And one that plugs in to the USB of my PC. And an industrial one which plugs into the wall. Oh, And an old fashioned manual hand fan. But maybe I’m a little obsessed??


I think the thing that keeps me sane in the heat is to actually get out and enjoy some sunshine. There is nothing worse than suffering from rushing around or being cooped up in the heat and never actually stopping and feeling the sun on your skin. So, even if it is for only 10 / 15minutes of your lunchbreak, make sure you get some of that vital Vitamin D soaking in. And enjoy the summer weather instead of making it just a chore.

 And if we’re lucky enough to have sun on the weekends as well as the weekdays, get out in it. I am bbq obsessed and don’t need much of an excuse.


It’s a British quirk, but let’s embrace it!

I’ve heard that at the end of July we will see the hottest temperatures ever recorded in London. So, lets get buying that factor 50!

sun cream

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