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In-House and Industry

PA Access All Areas recently travelled to Manchester to speak for delegates of one of our recent PA Network events, managed by CityCo. Merryl and Josephine were an absolute pleasure to work with throughout the planning process and at the actual event and their workshop was honest, informative and above all…fun! Our guests, all of whom are also PAs but in a more corporate setting, thoroughly enjoyed this insight into the world of the Celeb PA. We hope you’ll be able to bring your full workshops to Manchester soon!

Janine Holt, Corporate Events Manager, CityCo


BAE Systems

We had an amazing day yesterday and all of the feedback I got from the team was that the training was the best PA training they’ve ever had. Therefore my testimonial is: 'Unanimously decided by the whole team of 15 that the training session by PA Access All Areas is the best we've ever had. We were all seriously impressed by the approach to the training, the positivity and the relationship between Merryl and Josephine. I felt that they both really listened to my brief, tailored the training accordingly to us and our company and delivered the training with passion and lots of laughter.'
Even the way you handled the intro's (one thing we're good at, what we'd like to improve on etc) was good as it made us think about our strengths and weaknesses.
We all said how much we enjoyed an insight into your world and the celeb PA world, it was good to hear the overlaps between your roles and ours.

We could tell you both have a great working relationship too which we felt was similar to our teams relationship. Honestly I have not heard as much positive feedback about a training course we have had ever before in my five years at BAES AI so thank you!!!

Kirsty Marshall
Personal Assistant to Chief Operating Officer and Operations Director
BAE Systems Applied Intelligence


NHS Wales

The Feedback has been amazing. Thanks again for a really interesting session.
Catherine Thomas
Executive Support
Chief Executive's Support Office


Ministry of Defence

“From the moment I met Josephine and Merryl I was struck by their infectious positivity and can-do attitude. They worked with me to establish the precise needs of the group, and tailored the course so that it fitted the requirement exactly. Delegates came away having been given many practical tools which they could immediately take back to their desks - these would either make their lives easier, or at the very least to give them greater confidence in what they do. Both Josephine and Merryl they were truly professional and a pleasure to work with. Feedback from MOD PAs attending the course unanimously praised the session, felt better equipped to do their jobs, and many said the session was inspirational. I could not recommend PA Access All Areas enough!”
Dawn Wiggins, Head of Profession, Ministry of Defence


Feedback from in-house PA Roadshows for Ministry of Defence:
“I could have listened to them all day - I got lots of good tips”
“I really enjoyed this workshop and found it very useful and interesting”
“Restored my confidence - good hints and tips”
“Brilliant. A real insight”
“Made me realise we are more than just PAs”
“Very interesting, glamorous, inspiring.”
“Good examples of how to work with difficult bosses”


Open University

Feedback from in-house Seminar at the Open University:
“This was the most targeted, hands-on, operational presentation I've ever been in.”
“Very enjoyable and well presented. Gave a different perspective” “Great to get together as a group to learn”
“Would have been good to have a whole day.”
“It has made me feel more of a team and feeling more confident”
“The booklets you left us with were informative”


“I found the honesty and candour refreshing and enjoyed the humour and reality of the subject matter. The switching from one presenter to another kept the pace up and group participation helped maintain the liveliness and genuine atmosphere”
Annabel Moorsom
Sorted PA


Office 2013

“We were delighted to work with PA Access All Areas at office* 2012. Josephine and Merryl brought a fantastic energy to the show, holding a captivating Keynote session which gave an exclusive insight into the world of a celebrity PA. We look forward to working with them again in 2013.”
David Maguire
Event Manager
Office* 2012 / 2013

Past attendees of the Course

"I thought it was really enjoyable. It's very hard to find a PA course that really attracts you - this was really interesting. Absolutely loved it."
Elisabeth Miles
Executive Assistant to Darren Childs, CEO


"Was fantastic! Got lots more than expected. Would recommend to others."
Chelsea Way
PA to MD
New Deal of the Mind


"Thank you for such a great event. I feel re-energised in my career choice and am looking forward to new challenges that lie ahead for me. I have never attended a course run by people who get exactly what my role entails, both good and bad"
Tina Rich
PA to Head of HR
University of West London


“It was an absolute delight to meet you both. The workshop was great and part of me wanted more, but in all I feel the balance was perfect! I loved coming away with more tools for the trade.”
Emma Kernan-Staines FAPA DipPA | Personal Assistant to Sir Trevor Brooking CBE & Gareth Southgate, Football Development Division, The FA Group


Well organised, very well catered and I came away buzzing, motivated and inspired. I found the course very informative and useful, particularly the sections on Alpha Personalities and the ideas that came up in the Support Network slot. All the areas you covered were very relevant indeed to the PA role. I particularly liked the synergy and team work between the two of you – the co training approach that you adopted really worked. This course is unique and your experience is unique and there is very definitely a lot of cross over between the celebrity and alpha corporate world. Laura Notley
Executive Assistant to Royston Hoggarth, Managing Director UK & Ireland, HAYS Recruiting


“Josephine & Merryl make an amazing team, their dynamic is excellent, they are passionate about what they do and are refreshing and inspiring. They have vast experience and find it easy to access and apply to all industries and environments. They made me feel important.”
Carmen Borz Trelfer
NB Alternatives
Neuberger Berman


“Thank you so much for last night. I had a lovely evening and I came away more knowledgeable and with a new found passion for my job and the future that it holds. It was really valuable and helpful, I got more than I expected and learnt some great tips for drawing boundaries.”
Stephanie Howard
PA Sportstech PLC


“This has been very useful, the group size was perfect, great concept and good delivery.”
Jacqui Jones
Senior Client Account Executive/PA to Leslie Benson
JSB Training


“Thank you so much for last night's course I thoroughly enjoyed it. You are great speakers and the evening really empowered me. I enjoyed the presenters, honest, open and fun. I felt included and able to participate easily”
Nadia Head
PA to the Director of Counter Terrorism and Specialist Crime, City of London Police

Merryl & Josephine's PA Clients

“Josephine has done everything for me for the last five years, from helping run our production company to securing a Camden residents parking permit for me when I didn't legally own a car or live in Camden. She has PA superpowers and without her a sizeable chunk of the entertainment industry would quite simply grind to a shuddering halt”
Ben Miller

“Many many thanks for your help, Merryl.”
Anne Robinson

"I have had the great pleasure of working for several years with Josephine Green. I can't speak or praise her highly enough for the extraordinary skill and energy she dedicates to her work... No obstacle was insolvable or wall too high for her in addressing all ranges of difficulties of tasks put before her. She has amazing personable skills, is brilliantly adept in psychology and getting the best from people. Simply put Josephine in these years has given me a quality and peace of mind that I am truly grateful for.”
Joseph Fiennes

“Merryl's calm, cheery, efficient can-do approach to her role as my P.A. has ensured my life has run smoothly for the last fifteen years. (To think I was only 20 when we met...) She understands my special needs. She deals with everything that brings me out in a rash - mail, banks, the tax man, builders, estate agents, anyone northern. She comes into her own in a crisis: It is such a comfort to know I can leave my lap top on a train or set off for the airport without my passport, and Merryl will miraculously sort everything out. Furthermore she pays for herself, boldly demanding discounts from car dealers, expensive furniture stores, refunds from car pounds and who knows what else.

Merryl is the part of my brain that nature, in her excitement, forgot to give me. Without her? It doesn't bear thinking about.”
Julian Clary

“I entrust Josephine with my life; in every department. Without her I would live in a galaxy of chaos.”
Emilia Fox

“Merryl - Thanks for all your amazing help”
Jane Goldman & Jonathan Ross

“I couldn’t function without Josephine’s, what I call, help! She is not only hard-working, quick, efficient and experienced, but calm, supportive, creative and lovely to be around”
Miranda Hart

“It is hard to put on an empirical scale the power of good personal assistance. But I only need to reflect on when the last time was that I had to try to organise my own schedule and how calmly I now daily proceed through what could easily be a battlefield that I understand what truly excellent PA work delivers. Our house-move last month was no more traumatic than packing up for a holiday. Josephine Green has that sixth sense that only the very best PAs have that allows her to know exactly what I need days before I do”
Alexander Armstrong