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Boutique Course

This course, suitable for PAs from all industries, is a unique chance to learn proven
techniques from two working PAs at the top of their industry. Using a variety of methods to deliver the inside track on what it takes to be the best PA you can be, Merryl and Josephine bring their warm, inclusive style to a course only they could teach. Whilst learning, you will be entertained with stories from behind the scenes AND enjoy top quality food and drink. You are welcome to stay on after to network and chat, returning to work the next day enthused and empowered.


Course runs 3 hours approx
Limited to 10 people max



Why Should I Choose this Course?

On This Course You Will Learn:

  • Effective ways to draw professional boundaries
  • How to create your own support network (the course is an opportunity to network in itself)
  • Tools to deal with unusual or extreme circumstances
  • Strategies for coping when things go wrong
  • How to support alpha personalities
  • Interesting anecdotal examples from the celebrity world
  • Through a variety of teaching styles including interactive methods

And all whilst being treated like a VIP.

Josephine and Merryl

Why Should You Book Your PA on this Course?

  • Techniques taught on this course will enable your PA to support you more effectively
  • The professional development gained by your PA will give them improved insight into their role
  • Your PA will come back empowered and enthused, ready bring more to their position
  • Your PA will learn invaluable skills to use in everyday situations
  • By offering training you recognise your PA as an important member of your team
  • Option to attend out of office hours

Reward your PA with this insightful course, give them the star treatment they deserve.

The course is taught by working PAs for working PAs.


In-House Seminars

As well as running this boutique seminar, we can tailor the course to run in-house as a work shop or as a presentation to a larger group.
The 3 hour content can be incorporated as a module in a pre-existing training day or weekend.

Please contact us for more details.